Baby steps

And so we stand at the dawn of the prelude of our grand adventures and the only thing I can think about is:

“What the hell have we forgotten to pack????”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Us as a couple, but as a functional pair, we are sorely lacking in the departments of “Forward Planning”, “Getting Organized” and “Getting Things Done Ahead of Time”.

It’s now 5 hours before our flight depart Home for a month and we’ve barely completed our first round of Travel Shopping.

What this means is that more often than not we are running for our gates rather than strolling leisurely.

The good thing is that neither of us have the moral high ground to tsk tsk at the other when we are running late for our flight… And somehow he/SHE figured it would be the perfect time to shop for shoes in the airport transit area…


2 thoughts on “Baby steps

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