Of Bums, Wiches and Kings

It’s been a busy few months but we are finally back in Singapore.

For me, that means time to laze around at home. The thing about being jobless is that you spend a lot of time at home. And the thing about being home and not working is that some day-to-day decisions you didn’t use to put much thought to becomes amplified – life changing decisions such as what to have for the next meal…

This causes a lot of problem for me because I am a kitchen disaster waiting to happen. But there’s only so many takeouts you can eat before the crazy idea of cooking your own meals pop into your brain. Normally, my natural laziness would overcome these insane urges…until today..

We’ve been having a bit of hazy weather in Singapore recently, but today is one of those few days where the sun was out and the birds were talking and the flowers were smelling (literal translation from a Mandarin proverb)(seriously). So I decided to go for a swim (I know.. crazy, right?).

I blame the sun.

Somehow, during the swim, I decided that the only thing I want to eat in the world is a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, but a big, fat sandwich that glistens with oil and looks like it can provide lubrication for the machinery in a small factory for a year.

Again, I blame the sun.

This is the fat inducing sandwich that I now christian: The Awesome-wich. Not entirely because of its taste, but because it actually made me cook.


Ingredients of the Awesome-wich:
– 1 Egg (Sunny Side up)
– 2 slices cheese (Cheddar)
– 1 slice Ham (Honey Glazed)
– 2 slices luncheon meat (deep fried)
– Caramelized Onions (obscene amount of)
– Butterhead Lettuce (just enough to soak up all the oil of frying)
– 1 HUGE dollop of mayonese

Wedge all ingredients between three slices of THICKLY buttered bread (lightly toasted).

Serve with a mug of ice cold beer.

And now for a 7 hours Game of Thrones marathon….

Life is good…


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