Being in Malaysia means…


Lots and lots of food.

Gloriously oily and lard-filled delicacies that are beyond the imaginations of the geezers at the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about hawkers who give you the choice of lard or a LOT of lard, and where butter is considered a  basic group in their very warped food pyramid. Furthermore, these are food with prices that would excite the average Singaporean’s hearts more than the Great Singapore Workout ever could.

This past week in Malaysia destroyed any hopes I ever had of being a Celebrity Food Blogger. All my food photos inevitably turned out like this…


I couldn’t help it. There is food in front of me. I eat it. I think it might be evolutionary. I am pretty sure no ancestors of mine would think about taking a photo of good food BEFORE eating it.


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