Bags and Boots

Before we embark on our big trip, we thought (wished?) it would be as simple as waking up on the day of the trip and flying off at the airport.

Ha ha.

Of course the waking up part would pose a problem for us.

Anyway, we spent yesterday running administrative errands such as confirming our flights and applying for our visas. But more *ahem* importantly, “we” were buying a nice pair of boots and a backpack for the trip. (Notice the lack of plurality in the nouns?)

(Apparently), these are important factors that could make or break the trip. Just imagine turning up at the airport with a red backpack instead of a cool black one. What kind of clueless tourist would the locals take us for?

Following the advice of friends, we found ourselves at the Army Market near Golden Mile Complex. For those unfamiliar with the Army Market, it is a smorgasboard of shops selling all sorts of survival/trekking/outdoors equipment, aka stuff that I normally wouldn’t give two hoots about.

In that respect, I am similar to Bear Grylls, the survival specialist. He, like me would not care for Mega torch lights that shine brighter than your average light bulbs. He has night vision that would make owls weep, while I have the unique ability of refusing to bulge from places where light bulbs work.

Long story short, there are a lot of shops at the Army Market that sells backpacks. We finally settled on one after rounds of market research. This particular store has a distinct advantage over any of its competitors- it has a HUGE ASS fan.

It was a hot day.

The shop aunty was actually very helpful. She explained the various factors to consider when buying a backpack. She let Jo try on different backpacks, patiently pointing out which parts of the backpack should rest on which parts of the body and how to best optimize the 101 straps available on the backpacks. Jo listened carefully, and after spending some time considering the points put up by aunty, made her decision.

“I want a purple one,” she whispered to me.

It’s a good thing we decided to buy her trekking boots from the same store too.

Every once in a while, a guy would be faced with the girlfriend/wife/significant other asking the dreaded question, ” Does this pair of boots make me look baddass?”

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