Jo decided to bring me to a bubble tea cafe along Tanjong Pagar Road that she claims has AWESOME decor. It is a small establishment just across the road from Amara Hotel.

To be honest, Artease (motto: Without Tea, Life would just be Arse) (SERIOUSLY!!) is like a lot of the other bubble tea establishments in Singapore. Bubble tea establishments are very popular in Singapore these days. They attract millions of customers, every single one of whom like to stand in front of me when I want my cup of tea. And these customers are always ordering mutant concoctions such as Kiwi-Lychee-Banana-Honey-Pudding-Booger Milk Tea with Ah Yu-Dragonball-pearls –  beverages that take TIME to put together, even when there always appear to be a small Asian village behind the counters preparing the tea.

I’m rambling…

There is one big difference that separates Artease from other bubble tea cafes. They have this hugeass mural on one of its walls. It is the inimitably quirky and often-humorous artwork of a uni friend Ee Shaun. (Damn it feels good to name drop). Shaun’s works can be seen on the product packages as well. This gives the establishment an indie vibe unlike any of the other more “commercial” outfits.

The bubble tea though… is another story altogether. A story I shall let Jo tell with her face.


Today, I also learnt that some categories of the human race (hint: not the male type), do not find visual gags involving lousy bubble tea, congealing pudding mixed with saliva to be exceptionally funny.

With that, I shall end this post with a shot of our bubble tea.

Artease Bubble Tea
                       Attempt at food photography… DOUBLE fail

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