We Got Our Visas!!

For China, no less.

There was a bit of a scare initially.

Due to the amount of time we intended to spend in China, we needed a visa that lasts more than the standard 30 days one that they issue at the Embassy.  This 90 days visa requires special permission from the Embassy, and more importantly, a valid air ticket to show the duration of our intended trip to China.

We were VERY reluctant to confirm our tickets before we are even sure we would be able to stay there for so long.

But we would not be able to know how long we can stay until we buy our tickets.

It was our own not-very-funny Catch 22.

In the end, like many of our other decisions regarding the trip so far, we decided to dive in feet first. We would buy our tickets and let things work themselves out further down the road.  We figured we’ll probably go do some visa runs if we had to, and in the worst case scenario, we’ll exit China earlier than we intended.

On hindsight, not one of my most well thought out ideas…

But we got our visas!!!

So yay!!!

Now to figure out a way to get a permit to enter Tibet without signing up with any tour companies….


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