What’s a Bum gotta do?

Since I left the job, one of the most common things people ask me is,”What do I do all day?”

It’s understandable because up till now, my job was very much a part of my life. It’s an accepted norm here that we will finish college, find a job, start a family, provide for the family by working at said job till we retire… Our jobs, our careers were supposed to give our days meaning and give our lives purpose. In many ways, our jobs take up so much of our waking hours, they define who we are.

It is the same with me. After the initial high of being able to wake up at whatever time I want and playing as much of my PS3 whenever I want, things started feeling a little… hollow. (it’s true, I went on a 3 day gaming binge just because I could)

When I was working 40++ hours a week (excluding sailings), there was very little time to consider what really makes me happy. As an adult, we have so many obligations tying us down that any off time is better spent catching up on rest or with friends/family. It is so much work thinking about and getting started on new activities that most of the time, we will go with the safe options of eating, shopping, watching the movies and yes, gaming…

I have to admit, sometimes, it feels like I am not even enjoying these activities very much but I am doing them because they are supposed to be enjoyable and it’s what everyone else is doing on their off time… sort of like taking drugs to numb the pain of work

Having all the time in the world gives me the time and freedom to really think hard about these things. And the best part is I no longer have the excuses to not follow through with them. I can no longer use “no time” as an excuse not to do them.

I can experiment and do things I think I might enjoy. Things that I think I might like to do but would have deemed too much “like work” to do on my off days previously.

I write (on this blog, and some other side projects). I swim (seriously). I am considering volunteering. I do a bit of photoshop art just to amuse myself. I am trying to learn a foreign language (rather unsuccessfully) off a home study course. I am learning to trade the stock market. I cycle to the beach, lie on my hammock and read my backlog of books, comics. Most things that I put my mind to, I can do.

Of course, I game and watch TV the whole damn day if the mood pleases me too.

On a whim, I would even do things that I never thought I would before – and finding that I don’t mind (“enjoy” is too strong a word) doing them. Things like cooking! Ok, so making the most awesome sandwiches in the world is not really considered cooking, but it is a big step forward. I would never have put anything more complicated than instant noodles on a stove before because I don’t think it makes (economical and labour) sense to cook for two people. But now, I can do it because the labour and time factor of the equation has been taken out.

Awesome-wich Redux – Open Top Buttered Toast with Melted Cheddar, fresh lettuce and cucumbers, bacon and scrambled eggs… GENEROUS dollop of mayonese

There really is no greater feeling than waking up in the morning and asking myself “What do I really want to do today?” and knowing that I can do what I want whenever I want to do it.

Everyday becomes an adventure again!


It is a great bonus to me to be able to watch the season premiers of all the fall TV shows as they air in the US. Beside classics like How I Met Your Mother Season 7, The Big Bang Theory Season 5, The Office Season 7 and Dexter Season 6, I find myself enjoying new shows like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s *droooool* Ringer and Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova (DINOSAURS!! GRRROOOOOOWWWWWWL). Anyone else has any other shows to recommend?


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