A milestone and off we go!!!

As we stand on the verge of our great journey, I have only one thought running through my mind… “Can we go yet?????”

Our plane is departing in two hours and we are still at home. Somehow, Jo decided that this would be the best time to dry her hair. Hmm… deja vu… this article is strangely familiar to my first piece “Baby Steps”.

It’s been half a year and nothing has changed!

At this moment, I am very convinced that Jo and I come from two very different dimensions – all my life I’ve been taught Time is a quantifiable absolute. I don’t always play by its rules but more often than not, when that happens, I am the one hurt by it. On the other hand, I think Jo believes Time is controlled by a jellyfish. I’m not judging…

Anyway, about 8 hours from now, we should be in Chengdu after a brief stopover in Shanghai. A little bird told us we might not be able to blog once we were there…but who knows right?

On other news, The Expeditioner decided to take up an article I submitted to them some time ago. My first paid travel article “Why I Quit My Job To Travel The World Or (Some Would Believe) Why I Chose To Commit Financial Suicide” was published today.

So double yay!

World rejoice cause Jo’s hair is DRY!!! And awaaaaaay we go!!! (copyright esther low 2005)


5 thoughts on “A milestone and off we go!!!

  1. Did NOT know you guys had this blog! Loved the wedding video it made me cry!?!?! Bah. Keep safe and I’ll be checking in often. Byeeeee

  2. WOW.

    I cant believe you guys are actually doing this! This will be the best time of your lives, no doubt.

    If you find yourselves in the middle east, make sure you swing by our place in Dubai, where we have a few spare beds reserved for you anytime!


    • duuuude. in case you’re wondering, YES, you & Kate are partly responsible for where we are today! Big hugs to you from both of us. & hope we’ll have a chance to get together to exchange stories sometime. – Jo

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