It’s been an AMAZING week

Like the title said.

It’s hard to believe so much has happened over one week. Beside trekking through some of the most awesome sights we’ve seen so far, we’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful people along the way too. So much has happened (and also because of the lack of wifi all round in China) (especially access to Facebook and WordPress), that we are quite behind on the blogging. We’ve decided to add a daily diary of events here for those that don’t want to read too much.

Thanks to everyone who forwarded my Expeditioner article. It kinda went viral from then on… You can imagine our shock when we came online for the first time in a week. Long story short, we were featured in Lianhe Wanbao and a few other papers in Malaysia. Must have been a slow news day… or we must’ve really struck a chord.

For those that are interested….(and can read Chinese)

Link 1

Link 2

And for those interested in our mugs…

Anyway, we’re off for a 44 hour train ride to Tibet (WE GOT OUR PERMIT YAAAY). A little bird told us we might not have much in the way of Wifi, so we’ll catch you on the other side.


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