Just can’t get enough of 九寨沟

We just got off a 44 hour train ride. Jo was so bored on the train, she actually decided to use a *gasp* Windows based laptop to come up with a video about our trip to Jiu Zhai Gou. (believe me, it’s a big deal, she’s an Apple and FCP snob)

So here it is… for your viewing pleasure:


6 thoughts on “Just can’t get enough of 九寨沟

  1. i think Jo is very brave … to wear a white puffa jacket for a year-long trip but i digress. have a fun-filled trip and more scatterbrained adventures, y’all! Chee Yin x

  2. omg it’s beautiful!!!! – tianyun here btw 😛 hellooooo!!! i’m in shanghai for the time being so in case u guys are dropping by again, come by and say hi!!!

    • ehhh you! how come you’re based in shanghai now? we’re just covering western china these few months… we’re in dunhuang now, heading down to yunnan after this. how long more you gonna be in china?

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