A Quick Update

We’ve just completed our ten days tour of Tibet and I know… Updates for this blog have not really been coming in.

There is one very good reason for that… our brains have turned to ice kachang. This involves an ancient Tibetan ritual where all our exposed (and some not so exposed) body parts are frozen by sub-zero temperatures (-33 °C, yo….). After which we were given our daily dose of “shake around”, being driven in a rickety bus through bumpy dirt roads. Great fun!


Seriously, Tibet is VAST. We journeyed for ten days from Lhasa to Mount Everest Base Camp and averaged seven hours on the bus a day, but there is still this niggling feeling that we’ve only managed to see a small fraction of Tibet.

We saw monastery after monastery.

We saw nomadic tribes driving their herds out to pasture. And of course, we saw EPIC high altitude sceneries.

Possibly the highest toilet in the world

Epic mountain sceneries

Souvenir Stand
Souvenir Stand

More tellingly, we saw Tibet as a place of change. We saw prostrating Tibetan pilgrims from all over China doing their koras around the construction of shiny new mega malls.

Old ladies doing the kora (not the macarena)

We saw pro integration slogans hanging over marching troops enforcing this “integration”

More updates on Tibet will follow shortly!!

Tibet is NOT a Police State


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