Pushing Through

Our first excursion in Tibet was to Namtso Lake, one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet.

You’d think that a visit to Namtso LAKE is a visit to a body of water. Haha. These wacky Tibetans, they decided that the lake is best viewed from… You guessed it… A steep hill covered with ice and snow.

Highest Point enroute to Namtso Lake... 5190m above sea level, or if you convert to miles... a HELL of a lot of them

This allowed me to miserably keep up my average of climbing one hill every two days.

I have a theory about hill/mountain top views

This was what happened at Namtso Lake.

We went waaaaaaay past the sweet spot.

Namtso is one of the highest lakes IN THE WORLD. For me, being at the water edge is pretty sweet. I mean, the view is nice and we had a lakeside view of the sunset that was coming up. Being at one of the highest lakes in the world means we shouldn’t need to climb those ridiculous (yet so gorgeous) mountain ranges around us, right?

Like so many of our previous excursions, I blame Jo… and a sweet Slovakian ski instructor called Zuzanna.

Of COURSE they had to go and climb the forbidding slope in front of them. Of COURSE they were not deterred by the snow and slippery ice. And of COURSE they didn’t care that we were literally breathless just from being more than 4000m above sea level.

And of course, I had to follow.

Why did I have to follow?

One very simple reason…  I am a Lemming… but maybe sometimes that is what you need on a long trip.

Someone to push you beyond your perceived limits.

Without them, I would not have seen…

Did I mention that the sunset was gorgeous from the top as well?

I might need to revise my theory.


3 thoughts on “Pushing Through

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    • Thank you. Tibet is a truly awesome place to visit.Hopefully the restrictions will lessen in the coming years, I personally think it would be one of the best place to backpack around

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