Home for the Holidays!!

Ok… maybe not THIS holiday.

We’ve just confirmed our plane tickets and should be home before 2012. We’re currently in Xishuangbanna (hur hur… yeah… Xishuangbanna…) (this doesn’t get old)  If you’ve been keeping track of our travels on our “First Impressions” page, you’ll know that we are more than a month behind for our blogging. Somewhere along the way, we decided that we should not let blogging get in the way of us looking at rocks, climbing steps and getting scammed.

We’ll continue with this blog even after we’re home (I still have a lot of little scraps of paper with squiggly notes that I need to go through). Hopefully, this China chapter will be completed before we go off again (target: after the Chinese New Year).

But I guess what we really want to say in this post is, with lots of love from us…


I know... Ha Ha... we have Christmas-colored clothes... tis the season!


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