Dirty Dancing

Over the past few months, Jo and I discovered we have a few character traits which made  travelling a lot easier for us than it would have been for other people. For example, we

1) are able to fall (deeply) asleep under almost any kinds of condition

2) have stomachs that can (more or less) tolerate some of the weirdest shit that we have been subjecting them to (for me, that even included various forms of uncooked fruits or cooked vegetables) (don’t ask….)

Somewhere in Zhangjiajie, Jo even managed to overcome her fear of chilli and started... ermm.. selling them... although I think she just wanted to chop them up... reminds me of a Mike Myers movie...

I think throughout this trip, there’s been a sort of unofficial competition to see who is better than whom, in terms of these two points.

At the end of the day, there’s not much of a competition for Point (1). (Jo has years of practice sleeping in until 1pm in the afternoon)

But for a long time, I thought we were tied in terms of point (2) because:

I’m able to take spicy food


Jo has an uncanny ability to stomach my cooking.

All that changed in Zhangjiajie city.

We were walking through a night market in the city when we heard the loud throbbing of techno music. Wanting to see where that was coming from, we walked towards the source of the music and came face to face with (again, I cannot shit about things like these…) a disembowelled deer.

Standing behind the deer were six half-naked men bobbing merrily along to the techno beats. Some of them would periodically walk towards the deer and carve out pieces of it, while the others would skewer the meat and BBQ them, all the while keeping time with the music… and shaking their excess sweat onto the BBQ pit.

just like these…

Seeing this, Jo went “I need to get me some of those meat venison!”

Dancing men... feel the beat of the tamborine...

Match. Point. Set.


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