Cheapo’s Valentine’s Day

It’s 21 Feb, and we’ve just celebrated our Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has always been a bit… touchy for us. I don’t like the idea of love being shoved down our throats by every rose-selling clown on the streets (let’s call this my reason for being a cheapskate), but it’s hard not to get “in the mood” once V-day comes around.

Yup, even though we’ve been in each others’ faces 24/7 for the past couple of months, there is still something magical about a day dedicated entirely to looooooveeee.

After the first Valentine’s Day where I went the whole nine yards – gift, movie, expensive (for a student) restaurant (nope, no flowers), we sort of came to an agreement that we would leave this nonsense to the other suckers. We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day any day we want to, thank you very much.

Yet, every year when February 14 comes around, we’ll inadvertently find ourselves looking for something special to do. We’ll dress up just that little bit better, and try to find that small restaurant/eatery and elusive park/beach that might possibly be just off every other courting couples’ radar.

In other words, we were idiots. Yet, year after year, we are like Charlie Brown when Lucy holds out her ball. We’ll go for the kick.

After nine years of “Aw Shucks” and falling on our backs, we’ve sort of fallen into a comfortable routine of going out for a walk and enjoying each others’ company, along with the other 1000000000000001 couples that are out with us.

This year, because Jo had to work (with no extra pay) late into the night, I ended up playing Skyrim on my PS3 on V Day (like a Boss). What other couples were doing on that day was out of sight and waaaaay out of mind.

Even so, we decided to make up for Valentine’s Day a week later.

We were able to sleep in before going for a slow Valentine’s Day meal (lunner?) at a somewhat elusive and very importantly, uncrowded restaurant (with no V Day price hike). If I wanted to, I could have gotten her flowers without having to pay through my nose. IF I wanted to.

We were even able to take a walk along the beach without squeezing with throngs of flower wielding girls and scores of boys looking for a discreet corner to make out in.

For us February 21 was a day of simple meals, long walks and huge ass Meringues.


We might have just started our first of many Cheapo’s Valentine’s Day s.

It’s going to be a Thing.

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