Apparently, that’s the sound a half baked plan makes as it is flushed down the proverbial toilet bowl.

Long story short, our application for visa into Fortress America was rejected.

In fact, it was BRUTALLY rejected. Without going too much into details (we still hope to make it there…. some day…), all I can say is that some sad excuse of a woman performed the heinous deed with way too much gusto, in much too little time.

From what I understand, owning a property in Singapore and having all our family members here is not enough to demonstrate that we have “sufficient family, social and economic ties to (our) place of residence to ensure that our projected stay will be temporary”. Being the Sherlock that she is, Madame Hoity Toity was able to discern all that within 10 minutes of meeting us.

That’s ALL I have to say on this matter.

Totally unrelated to the above: *(&^*(^&%$#^&*#()@_@_(#%&$&%($(@*&#*($&(@((!!

So what does this mean to us?

Well, we were SUPPOSED to kick off the next leg of our travels by starting in Philippines before moving on to Hawaii (!). We were then supposed to transit through the west coast (San Francisco/LA/LV) of USA before hooking South for a few months of exploration in S America and ending in New York for Independence Day.

But you know what they say about the best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men…

I guess it’s a good thing that our plans were not that well laid in the first place anyway.

As of now, we still hope to kick off the next leg of our travel by the end of the month, and make it to Peru for our walk through the Inca trail right after the US summer holidays.


That’s the extent of our new “Master Plan” for now.

I’m not much of a psychic, but I see a mount of travel guides and hours of visa/flight (re)searching in my near future.

My crystal balls itch with joy.


2 thoughts on “SSssshhhhhhheeeeeeetttttttt.

    • THEY ARE!!!! And we are just supposed to be passing through!! Looks like our plans to go through the Philippines is canned too… We’ll see you some other time then…

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