Rejuvenation: +100 HP!

After three months in China, we were getting quite a nasty case of the travel fatigues.

We were told by other travelers earlier on that it would happen. We would be seeing new things and having new adventures every day, to a point where we would be numb to it all.

We just didn’t believe it would happen to us.

Initially, we thought it was just a case of “Not-Wanting-To-Get-On-That-Death-Trap-Of-A-Bus” to get us from place to place, but after a while, we realized we actively did not want to see another temple/monastery/museum/temple.

History be damned, but they were all starting to blend into each other and look the same to us. I know, I know – we have boogers for brains.

We tried to mitigate the jaded-ness with long(er) stays in Dali and Lijiang. It helped a bit that we were not just going from attraction to attraction and actually slowed down to live in a place for a while, but we were still finding it hard to be excited. We didn’t really want to go to a place just because it was “on the list” (yeah, we’re having a bit of the “We’re-Not-Like-Regular-Tourists” snobbery too).

Admittedly, some of us are a bit more jaded than the other(s)

It was with this attitude that we headed down to Yuan Yang (元阳), an eight-hour overnight bus ride from Kunming. To be honest, I almost called off the trip to Yuan Yang, because the only way to get from there to our next destination of XiShuangBana was another 17-hour feet-odor-infused bus ride.

And the whole reason for us to suffer this ordeal?

To look at rice.

I’m serious! Yuan Yang is famous for the terraces its villagers grow their rice on, and NOTHING ELSE.

But Jo decided we should push on anyway.

We arrived in fog-shrouded Yuan Yang at 5am in the morning. Understandably, I got a bit grumpy looking at the mist all around us. In my mind I was already listing out the number of ways I could tell Jo “I TOLD YOU SO!” for dragging us all the way down here.

I mean, how majestic can rice terraces be, right?

Let’s just say… I don’t know shit.

Like a balm for the weary explorer’s heart

That’s the thing about China – Just when we think we’ve seen everything it has to offer, it comes along and hits us in the guts with sights like this.

Long story short, our travel lethargy was soothed for a while, and for the first time in a week or so, we were actually excited about exploring again.

So… Great Success!


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