I know, I know, the last picture in the previous update looks like mere puddles of water. So, I guess you’ll just have to take my word that they are magnificent.

How magnificent?

Let’s just say that Jo woke up willingly at 5am to check out the sunrise over the terraces.

Nuff Said.

Yes… Jo is still wearing THAT jacket…

Anyway, this is gonna be one of those posts that will not have (too many) words. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A sense of scale… see the puny human. Hulk Smash! (I HAD to do that!)

Spot the Lone Man again. It was starting to become one of our favorite activities

After seeing a few of the farmer dudes dancing along the terraces, I just had to try it out too. Surprise, surprise but it is… NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!

A cherry blossom in the middle of the rice terrace was perfect for multiple shots with different filter

Yuan Yang at Sunrise

The clouds rolling in made the rice fields look more… magical

One More Time…

Yup, we have quite the crush on Yuan Yang.


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