A Different Kind of Anniversary (or maybe it’s more of the same)

Jo and I celebrated the tenth anniversary of us being together while we were on Panglao.

Yup. Tenth. We are officially old.

After a day of whale watching/island hopping, I thought we could have a good day just enjoying the beautiful beach scene on Panglao.

The day started well enough. We slept in (slightly) and took a little stroll along Alona Beach. We then settled down for a nice brunch at one of the many beach-side cafes..

Like I said… Well enough.

I was thinking we’d be having one of those peaceful anniversaries those old couples tend to have – you know, just enjoying each others’ company, when midway through her coffee, Jo suddenly declared, “I’m BORED! Let’s DO something!”

The most important meal of the day – Brunch!

And just like that, we were off!

We gobbled up our brunch and decided (why not?) to do a refresher course for our PADI scuba diving license.

There are MANY dive shops along Alona Beach. Some of them have all the bling and blang you’d associate with a high end hotel, while others (from appearances at least) would not have looked out of place in a Martin Scorsese flick.

We were drawn to Sea Explorers because of Raphael, a Swedish dive master who had decided to settle on Panglao to pursue his love of the slacker’s life. To say the least, we have IMMENSE respect for that.

Raphael very patiently went through the basics of the PADI Open Water course with us again. It was not easy (for him), since the last time we dived was a good 6 years ago.

There was this one moment when he pointed at the Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) and asked, “At least you know what this is, right?” and I answered very loudly, “REGULATOR!”

I was sure he was going to walk off right there and then.

Somehow, we managed to go through all the theory portions and pass the paper test (I did not peep at the answer sheet. I did not peep at the answer sheet. I did not peep at the answer sheet).

This was followed by a pool session and the whole event culminated in a dive at the House  Reef just off Alona Beach.

I wish I could tell you that the dive was awesome and that I saw many beautiful fishes and corals, but to be honest I spent most of the dive bobbing up and down because I could not control my buoyancy very well.

There was also the little problem of me not having my contact lenses on.

I really expected it to be a day of chilling at the beach, so I was wearing my spectacles that I had to take off prior to the dive. This means that the entire 40 minutes at the House Reef, I was just making sure I could see the bright blue blob of Raphael’s fin in front of me so that I didn’t get “Open Water”-ed.

Jo said the underwater landscape was lovely, and the visibility was awesome though.

With Rapahel. Photo courtesy of  Dr Marco Leone. We assisted Dr Leone in his doctorate thesis to measure nitrogen levels in the body before and after a dive. The measurement was done by using an instrument to calculate the fat percentage we have on various parts of the body. This explains the tiny markings we have on our bodies (No, I am not pointing at Raphael’s crotch). True Story: the fat percentage on Raphael’s tummy was 5, mine was a whopping 16. I am not allowed to tell you that Jo’s was 14.

If anything, this day was quite a fair reflection of our past 10 years together. We bumbled along, stumbling onto one (mis)adventure after another, sometimes with our eyes wide open, but more often not.

Whatever the case, we try to have fun along the way and just enjoy each others’ company… at least until Jo gets bored.

So, here’s to 10 more years of that!


7 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Anniversary (or maybe it’s more of the same)

  1. hey,congratulations guys!u came back to the phils?im going to panglao beach on july.too bad we didnt meet there.more fun in the phils!

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