Date Night

I’m gonna come right out and say it… Travelling together for a long period of time is one of the least romantic things you can do with your partner.

It’s true.

Beside the occasional fighting and bickering, we realized that spending such long periods of time together makes it easier for us to take each other for granted.

First off, it’s hard to keep up with appearances. Even if we really want to look the best we can for each other all the time, it is simply not possible because there are only so many clothes left in the backpack. And these would be on top of the times when we would see each other all dolled up in mud, encased in sweat and smelling like a fresh can of unlaundered clothes.

After a while, the easiest (and probably sanest) thing to do is to just not bother too much. It’s kind of sad, but it’s true.

When we reached Boracay, we realized we haven’t done the “romantic” things in a while. We are having the time of our lives seeing new things and trying out new experiences, but just nothing really… romantic.

So we decided to designate our first night in Boracay as Date Night.

We dressed up as best as we could, took a sunset stroll along the beach, before having a nice dinner with booze by the sea.

Ok… so “dress up as best as we could” is relatively. In my defence, that’s the only top I have that has not seen more than one day of action

With its multitude of tourists and brouhaha of activities, Boracay is no Paris. If anything, Boracay is more rowdy and wild at night. But that’s probably what makes it such a fun and surprising date night out for us.

We certainly did not expect Date Night to feature a full blown Outdoor concert, awesome sand art done by the sweetest kids and fabulous tranny fire dancers (you read that right!).

A full blown Outdoor concert… that was free. I don’t know which word in that sentence I like more.

although we did have more fun with the light show than we did with the concert

These were some seriously gifted kids. And the best part was that there were not in the slightest bit “clingy” nor did they try very hard to guilt us into giving them money. They just very politely asked for a donation… and we did… I thought it was the least we could do. Like I said.. these kids are seriously gifted.

Courtesy of the Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers. It was truly a brilliant display of mad skills and a blatant disregard for being burnt alive.

Each one of them was as spectacular as they come..

But they looked truly gorgeous when doing the twirls together. It’s unlike any fire dancing we’ve ever seen. A spectacle that you must see to believe.

And somehow, on top of all of that, we managed to end the night with an awesome display of fireworks (the literal kind…).

Ok… so we are NOT the best there is at capturing shots of fireworks

All in all, it was a surprisingly good Date Night.


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