Let Lazy Dogs Lie…

One of the reasons why we enjoyed our time in Boracay so much was because while we got to enjoy its craziness and the mad energy that perpetually surrounds White Beach, we were able to put that aside and get some great rest when we needed to

You see, we stay on the “not so happening” side of the island.

Bulabog Beach is a 10-minutes walk away from White Beach, and because the sand is not as fine (and… white?) as those on White Beach, it is not as popular. There are fewer tourists, less resorts, and almost no cafes/restaurants on this part of the island.

And therein lies its charms.

Bulabog – Not as good as White Beach, but seriously, it’s just because the bar had already been set pretty high

Bulabog Beach (also known as Laguna de Boracay) lies on the east side of the island. The prevailing winds blows from the East during peak (read: non typhoon) season. The crazy-strong winds on Bulabog, combined with the non-choppy, reef-protected waters make this beach a Mecca for people interested in windsurfing and kiteboarding.

In contrast, during the same period of time, White beach (which lies on the west of Boracay) would be sheltered from this wind. The water could also be glassy smooth when the 10000001 jet-ski/banana boat/tourist yachts are not busy cutting about.

Kite Surfer alert – We figured this was a view we could get used to

To be honest, I was a bit panicky arriving at Boracay on a Friday of the Peak Season without making any reservation for our accommodation. The rates online were quite crazy, so we figured we could scout for a better deal by looking for non-listed resorts on the island ourselves.

We keep forgetting a lesson we’ve learnt (over and over again): Strutting around in the hot sun with huge backpacks to look for accommodation is a sure way to put us in a grumpy mood.

Surprisingly, our luck held out (this time).

The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast was the first resort we stumbled upon on Bulabog Beach and I knew this was the place we wanted to stay the minute we stepped into the compound. Their case was helped further when they showed us the rooms (and the room rates).

At 1500 PHP a night for a standard room and breakfast during peak season, the Lazy Dog definitely offers a lot of bang for our buck. I mean.. the rooms are clean, the beds are comfortable and there is a strong wifi signal in the room. Coupled that with a really unique “back-to-nature” rain shower. I think that’s all we really needed.

I know… putting the picture of the room beside the picture of the toilet is probably not the best of ideas… but can you see how they even arranged our towels into little heart shaped flowers? Nice Touch

The Lazy Dog is right beside Bulabog Beach, and its lush surroundings gives the place a charmingly laid back feel. The relaxed atmosphere is further enhanced by the hammocks and cushions that are generously spread out over the garden cafe/lounge area.

The lounge area… the perfect place to have the orgasm-inducing mango omelette breakfast

Special Kudos must be given to Joyce, the lovely girl at the reception. She was unfailingly polite and really helpful even when I asked stupid questions like, “What is the best food in Boracay?”  Instead of rolling her eyes, she (very patiently) mapped out the places we could try around the island. She was also really helpful in suggesting place we should go and things we could do over the period of our stay. This was crucial for two non-planners like us.

The rest of the staff were just as nice. They were always friendly and smiling. I think they are one key reason for the unpretentious vibe at the Lazy Dog. Somehow, this makes staying there feel like a really intimate and personal experience. We found that this was something that was sorely missing from most of the other cookie cutter resorts on White Beach.

The Burning Question on everyone’s mind: Is there really a Lazy Dog? Yes! There’s this monster dog called Whisky. We only managed to catch glimpses of him during our stay (probably because he is Lazy). We did have many close encounters with this ridiculously curious cat though


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