A (formerly beach) resort

After two days of being hounded and (literally) chased about by some of the most persistent touts we’ve met so far, we decided that we’ve had enough of Tagaytay and shifted down the hill to the tiny village of Talisay.

Talisay is right beside Taal Lake and this move brings us much closer to Volcano Island. Moving to Talisay however, also means that we won’t be able to get a panoramic view we enjoyed in Tagaytay, but it was a fair trade off since it greatly reduced the chances of us being run over by some over-enthusiastic motorcycle-riding goon.

It’s the last of this view for us

While in Tagaytay, we decided to stay at the highly recommended San Roque Beach Resort.

Or ermmm…. San Roque’s (formerly Beach) Paradise Resort.

San Roque’s is more a family run B and B than an actual resort. Although it’s situated beside the lake, there is definitely no beach here. The closest thing we could probably get to frolicking in the water was a swimming pool that takes in water from the lake. BUT when we were there, this “swimming pool” had been converted to a fish rearing pond.

The rooms at San Roque’s are housed in a bungalow-style building that comes with its own courtyard (complete with swings, hammocks and water feature). The rooms are air-conditioned, the beds are comfortable and most of the rooms offer amazing views of Taal Lake and Volcano Island.

But the best part of our stay was definitely the interaction with the matronly Mdm Lita, the owner of the resort.

Mdm Lita and her family tried their best to make sure that we were well taken care of throughout our stay. She arranged to pick us up from Tagaytay so that we do not get road blocked by touts on the narrow road down to Talisay (apparently a common occurance).

When we wanted to go to Volcano Island, she arranged for her son to bring us over for 1500 PHP (quite cheap compared to what the rest of the touts were offering). Before we left for Volcano Island, she made sure we brought enough water and even gave us some protective head gear to shield our heads from the sun.

Sure… the head gear looked ridiculous, but it’s the thought that counts… right?

And you can tell that ONE OF US enjoy wearing the silly hat more than the other

I’ll be honest, beyond going to the Volcano Island, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do in Talisay. San Roque offered us a brilliant atmosphere to kick back, relax and do this nothing in.

We spent many hours just sitting at the lake side pavilion with a cold beer in one hand and a Kindle/PSP in the other. (actually I need two hands to hold my PSP, but who’s counting?)

From the pavilion, we could see village life “row” by…

And the sunset over the Volcano Lake is pretty surreal too


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