Food… Glorious Food!

Writing a blog about Taiwan and not talk about the food is like seeing Angelina Jolie walk down the streets and not ogling at her… hair.

It’s a certifiable sin. It’s something guys do. It’s something girl’s do. You might like her or you might hate her, but I don’t think a lot of people can deny that the world is a more beautiful place because she is in it.

Now that we have that clumsy analogy out of the way…

If there’s one thing people remember about Taiwan, it is the food.

Taiwan fulfils my personal three “Q”s requirement for what makes a good eating place – Quality, Quirkiness and “Qvariety”.

According to “Variety” is defined as a noun that means “a number of different types of things, especially ones in the same general category”. While “Qvariety” is defined as a whatchamightcallit that means “absolutely nothing except this writer trying too hard to fill up space by adding a Q in front of random words”.

I personally think that it says a lot about the food in Taiwan when so far, *touch wood*, we’ve not eaten any truly lousy food here yet. We’ve been known to walk into restaurants and order the weirdest things on the menu. True story, two days ago I had a Sweet Potato Chicken Pizza.

The Taiwanese had somehow managed to master the art of taking very simple everyday food like Cheese and Potato and fuse them together to create orgasmic treats that burst into flavour in our palette.

It is THAT good.

“Shaved” ice with mangoes and a giant dollop of ice cream. Good for dessert, a meal or anything in between

Fried Milk, Shrimps in a cone and our favourite… winter melon wearing a banana hat

All manner of things you know that can be fried… and some that you don’t

Many a happy hours were spent gawking… I mean giggling at the giant weiners

Add to that the very “creative” ways they’ve decided to name these new creations makes eating in Taiwan a really fun experience too.

“Coffin Lid” and (I’m not kidding here) “Pissing Chicken Chop”, supposedly named because the meat’s so juicy it feels like it is pissing in your mouth

It’s not only the “weird” stuff. Conventional food such as this cheese milk fish pasta we had at Kirin Pasta (麵食主義) near Shih Lin was pretty awesome too

And the thing is… they are able to keep creating new qvarieties of food too. We stayed opposite Shih Lin Night Market while we were in Taipei, so we made it a point to go to the Night Market every night on our way home. In the eight days or so that we visited the market, we’ve NEVER eaten the same thing twice….

Except maybe the Cheese Potatoes, because, come on… it’s a sin if we don’t have it every chance we get.

Cheese Potato night after night after night… it is that good

Oh yeah… there’s a fourth “Q” that had been increasingly important to us as we continue to travel. The food is dirt Qcheap too.

A four course steak/pork chop meal with unlimited refill of soup and drinks cost us all of $5 each.

$5 steaks. What’s not to like?

We Love Taiwan.


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