Hola Sudamérica!

After our less than brilliant attempt at trying to plan our Philippines trip, we’ve decided to try a different tact for our South American Adventure.

Bear in mind that we’re flying off in a few hours to spend four months at the other end of the world. We know that it’s going to be a long time away, so the planning needs to be very meticulous and detailed. Bear with us as we go through our itinerary with you:

Day 1: Buenos Aires

Day 2: Buenos Aires

Day 3: Buenos Aires

Day 4: Buenos Aires

Day 91 – 95: Machu Pichu

Yeah. And that’s about it…

We figured that since we are constantly changing our plans, we’ll just wing it the rest of the way.

We know that at the very least, we NEED to visit Iguazu Falls, the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Galapagos Islands, the Lake District and Pantagonia along the way. We just haven’t found a way to slot them in yet.


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