Weird Science

After our escapades with “modern art”, I decided we should neutralise the bullshitness by going to… I kid you not… the National Taiwan Science Education Centre.

Before random Singaporeans start getting their lab coats in a bunch, I know that we have a perfectly fine Science Centre back home… or so I’ve heard.

It’s just that it’s not a place we would’ve visited on our own because let’s face it:

a) We don’t have kids

b) We don’t behave like kids… some of the time


We don’t have a beef against Science. It’s just that we’ve got a mental defect which scientists have taken to term “the brains of an Arts Major” which renders us incapable of understanding scientific concepts more difficult than the reason plants turn red when they are soaked in a beaker of red water is because they are bleeding.

In spite of that crippling deficiency, we had a pretty fun time at the Science Centre taking silly shots of ourselves with random science things like a cat’s head and a bicycle with square wheels (both very important discovery tools in the modern scientist’s arsenal).

Rule No. 1: You see a cat mask, you put your head in it

Apparently you CAN ride on a bike with square wheels

I know the Science Education Centre’s aim is to allow the public to learn science in a fun way… We tried our best, we really did, but EVERYTHING was in Mandarin. Between the two of us, I think we have quite a decent grasp of the language (she can understand half of it, and me the other half, but it might not be at the same time), but even we were having trouble grasping some of these…

Nope, we have no idea what that means too

So we continued to take stupid photos with the exhibits instead.

Easily the second most fun display in the science centre

I mean… if there’s an exhibit that takes you through the body’s digestive system from the mouth to the tee hee hee, who were we to not take that awesome journey?

The most fun exhibit… for obvious (?) reasons

So I guess traveling not only allows us to try new and wonderful things, it also allows us a chance to experience things available back home that we never felt like trying before…. such as peeping out from the behind of a butt cheek.


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