Sun Moon Yawn


Some of us just don’t get it. And by “us”, of course I mean “men”.

A very typical conversation between me and Jo as we walk down the streets:

Me: Why are you sulking?

Jo: Why didn’t we go into the cafe when I said I wanted coffee?

Me: When did you say you want coffee????

Jo: Why do you think I asked you if you think “the font on the poster in the cafe is nice?”

I know it might be hard to believe, but some of us take things that are said at extreme face value. So the way to say you want a coffee is “We NEED to go into the cafe for a cup of coffee”.

There’s a point to this bitching.

For obvious reasons, I thought that Jo was much better at this catching hints things than I would be. She obviously thought she was too.

And that’s the story of how we ended up in one of the most boring places on earth: Sun Moon Lake.

We were checking in with Ruth and Anne who were at the final leg of their Taiwan Adventures on where they thought were worthwhile places to visit in Taiwan. One of the places we were considering was Sun Moon Lake.

They were really excited about it and kept talking about the homestay (民宿) they were staying in and how nice the owners were to them.

After our ordeal, Jo said (on hindsight) THAT should have been our hint.

For the benefits of any guys reading this to make a decision on whether Sun Moon Lake is worth a visit or not, let’s break it down a bit.

APPARENTLY, the hint was the fact that there was no mention about the Lake itself at all when we talked about it. The hint was in the things NOT SAID.

Because they did not say anything EXPLICIT about the lake, it meant that they did not enjoy the Lake that much?

And why didn’t they just say that? Because girls are too nice.

So how was Sun Moon Lake, really?

We spent an entire afternoon going around the lake in a tourist bus.

The two highlights for us were a (rather expensive) ride on a cable car and a hike up to the top of a temple where we got to ring a huge-ass gong.

Our boredom begins as soon as we boarded the boat to cross the lake

Self Entertainment was the order of the day

Fine… THREE things. I like Mr Roboto made of Handphoneo too

One of the highlights of our excursion to Sun Moon Lake… that’s not saying a lot, actually

View from the top

Start of the climb

Top of the tower

Yes. It sounds!

Here’s the not so subtle hint for you. One of the highlights for ME was a hike…


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