To do nothing at all

We brought the Kindle along for this leg of our trip, and we didn’t know how we managed to survive without it all this while.

We loaded up the pdf version of Lonely Planet Philippines and Taiwan and literally felt a weight lifted off our shoulders. Other than that, it was also an excellent companion for those long long bus rides when one of us falls into a deep coma.

After the day of temple running, there was basically nothing much left for us to do in Tainan, so we decided to just hang out at some of the cafes found around our hostel.

It had a race car parked beside its front door. How could we not go in?

The important things in life

Somehow, we wandered 8km away to the Fort City of Anping (安平) where we were supposed to look for Fort Zeelandia (熱蘭遮城) (yup, there’s a Dutch fort in the centre of Tainan), but ended up at the Eternal Golden City (億載金城) instead. (We decided to take a break from directions for the day as well)

The gates of the Eternal Fort

The cannons of Anping

A LOT of cannons in the fortress

ls it bad that we found the trees in the Eternal City more charming than the cannons?

I mean, these trees are practically begging us to sit under them and spend the afternoon reading away.


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