Maybe it’s about the simple joys

I’ll be honest… I’m running out of things to say about Taiwan in general.

It’s not that there is nothing to “do” in Taiwan, it’s just that there is nothing to “Do”.

We LOVE Taiwan. We would die for the amazing food, we miss the friendly and down to earth people, we love the quirky sense of design and their unique brand of gallows humour. BUT there is just NOTHING terribly exciting to write home about.

This must be one of the most colorful ceiling mural we’ve ever seen in a train station. But if you look closely at the design, it’s actually pretty morbid

For example, we were in Kaosiong (高雄) for a few days. We stayed in a crazy hostel that has a very unique touch (and one of the most ridiculous dogs in the world).

Messing around back at the hostel

We went out to walk along the pier (Kaosiong is a port city) where we unexpectedly “ran into” an art village.

An abandoned train track and a newly discovered “Action” function on camera of our Samsung Galaxy SII. I know… the pictures don’t join very well, but it was still fun playing around with it

Just relaxing in the art village… the Taiwanese love their Bumblebee?

But here’s the thing. We had a lot of fun, but these things are not terribly “exciting”. They make for a nice day out, but there is no real “wow” in them. I’ll go so far as to call it the simple, everyday, “mundane” joys in the life that, surprisingly, might be hard to find everywhere else.

We can totally picture ourselves staying here and enjoying the little things in life, but there is nothing so exciting that we’d feel like grabbing our friends by the arms and shouting that we’ve just seen the COOLEST.THING.EVER.

And now you know about some of the pains of travel blogging.


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