Not so Evil

Having my pocket(S) picked in Buenos Aires was a BIG downer for the trip.

I couldn’t help but feel kind of helpless. Worse of all, I started viewing the world through “mean glasses”. I was totally paranoid and for a few days after the incident, I kept thinking that everyone around us was evil and out to get us.

It didn’t really help that we were moving on to a new city (I am not a big fan of the moving about part of traveling….) and we were going to try out AirBnB for the first time for our accommodation needs.

Buenos Aires to Cordoba –  I’ve decided I should come up with the route that we are traveling through in South America, idea courtesy of Esther Low-Tan

We’d heard of AirBnB before, but we’d never felt the prerogative to use it. We’ve been surviving quite well based on Hostelworld and Couchsurfing prior to this. While we were checking out listings in Cordoba however, we managed to find a private room for $13 a night with full facilities.

We were in!

True to the reviews, the house itself was LOVELY. It is a double-storeyed brick cottage just outside of town. It has a fully equipped kitchen, WIFI and very importantly… crazily strong hot showers.

Our rather chic living area

The most amazing thing about this house, however, was not the house itself, but the owner, Titi.

My first impression of Titi was a furious flurry of hugs and kisses the moment we showed up at her door. As she showed us around the house, she chattered excitedly in rapid-fire español, chuckling amusedly when we totally could not get what she was trying to say, then rattling off her next string of instructions even faster.

Titi sending us off at the bus station with another frenzy of farewell hugs & kisses

She went out of her way to make us feel at home, providing us with a transit card when we told her that her place is slightly far from town. She even offered to let us check out 12 hours later than we were supposed to when she heard that we were taking a night bus to our next destination.

Even though she does not stay in the house herself, she checked in on us almost daily and tried her best to chat with us about things we could do in Cordoba. She also made sure that we got along with the other tenant in the house – Ana.

Ana is a food nutrition student from San Salvador de Jujuy.

She could not speak a word of English and we could not understand her Jujuy-ian accented español, yet I am very sure that the four hour conversation we had with her would be one of the most memorable things we’ll do on this trip.

How did we do it?

The Power of Google Translate

We shared stories about our lives, and about the places to go in South America, and the most amazing thing of all? We somehow managed to “con” her into letting us join in on the romantic dinner she had prepared for her boyfriend, Matthias. Matthias is a mountain guide and (through Google Translate) told us tales of the many adventures that he’d had. Throughout the three hour dinner, we passed the laptop around the table like an insane game of four-way table tennis.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this is probably one of the most awesome parts about travelling. We get to cross paths with people we would never have met if we’d just stayed at home. True, some of the times, these people would be evil pricks like the pickpockets in Buenos Aires, but more often than not, they are old kindly Argentinian aunties, generous Jujuy-ian girls and courageous mountain guides.

The good outweighs the bad.

Along with the various offers of help when friends saw my “lost wallet” status on Facebook, it is very hard to imagine the world as an evil place.


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