While we were in Cordoba, we decided to pay a visit to the childhood home of one of the original backpackers –  Ernesto Che Guevara.

The iconic image of Che. I think this image is recognizable even for people who had never heard of him before (you know who you are). I was gonna use another of his quote “One has to grow hard, but without ever losing tenderness” but I figured it might be just a tad too porny…

The town of Alta Gracia has a fierce reputation. Beside El Che, the little town was also home to other Argentine illuminaries such as writers Enrique Larreta and Belisario Roldán, as well as composer Manuel de Falla (ok… he’s Spanish, but he lived for many years in Alta Gracia). From these alone, I guessed Alta Gracia was worth a day trip (I am convinced that there must be something in the water)

(Alta Gracia is a “short” one and a half hour bus ride from Cordoba. There are frequent colectivos from the main bus station along Boulevard Illia in Cordoba. We took the Sarmiento bus which cost us about AR9 Pesos each)

From our viewing of the Motorcycle Diaries, I guess I was expecting to step off the bus into a dusty South American town, filled with revolutionaries, dreamers, adventurers and ermm… motorcyclists. What we found instead was one of the most suburban looking towns we’ve ever been in, complete with pastel colored cottages and a huge waterfront where the town’s children would gather around to play catching.

Waterfront playground with a Tim Burton-esque tree

Comic Store in Alta Gracia – Confirming comics’ status as a legitimate literary form. I could not understand why Jo did not want to visit a comic store that Che PROBABLY might have visited when he was a kid

Remember earlier when I said we visited the childhood home of Che? I meant that in the broadest sense of the word.

The home has now been converted to a museum of sorts (the Museo del Che Guevara). According to Lonely Planet (2010 edition), for a modest entrance fee of AR15 Pesos, we would be able to walk through the house Che stayed in during his formative years and look at some of the letters that he wrote home. When we were there, we found out that the entrance fee had been recently upgraded to an exorbitant AR75 pesos per head for foreigners.

We ain’t paying USD20 just to walk around an old house!

NOT the house of Che. We might actually consider paying AR75 Pesos to see THIS house because of how haunted it looks…

The real house of the Guevaras…. See why we wouldn’t pay so much money to go in? I mean… seriously… how much could there be to see in such a small one storey-ed house?

Cheapskates that we were, we were satisfied with cam whoring outside the house and then going on our way to explore the other parts of the sleepy town of Alta Gracia.

This was taken SECONDS before we were told we cannot take pictures of the premise without paying the admission fee… I seriously think they are actively discouraging people from visiting their touristic attractions

So what did we do with the AR75 Pesos that we saved?

Go buy water to drink lor…

Last time I checked, Coca Cola was squarely listed under the “Water” category, so it counts… and we definitely did feel a bit smarter and more illuminary sitting in this cafe/restaurant that has its walls papered with pages of old books


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