On Travel and Blogging

It’s official… I am three months behind on blogging about our South American adventures and strangely enough, I am ok with that.

This was not really the case a year ago when I tried (REALLY tried) keeping this blog up to date every day as we ventured through China. It took me all of two weeks to realize that it was not really possible to do that.

Fine… it is possible, but definitely not optimal.

One of the best/worst parts about travelling is that more often than not, you wake up to a new adventure everyday.

So, sometimes, after a long day of travelling, I would sit over the laptop and try to squeeze some words onto the blog. That, and spending the two hours difference between Jo’s waking up time and mine choosing and color-correcting photos (instead of gaming or catching up on the latest TV shows), blogging just stopped being fun… and actually kind of stressful.

So why do I still blog?

The fame, fortune and glory, of course!

Nah… seriously… This blog was started so that friends and family could keep tabs on us as we traveled around. I think we were seriously lucky that we received some benefits/work opportunities because of the blog, but (not wanting to sound ungrateful), I would not base my next air ticket out on these rare occurrences  Personally, I’m more thankful that the blog has provided us with the chance to work with some amazing organizations and link up with even more inspiring fellow bloggers/travelers.

So, really… why blog?

Growing up, I’ve never really kept a diary (not for any long period of time anyway), but I like the idea of putting down your thoughts for the day at the end of one.

I really think it helps put things into perspective. For us, particularly, it makes me thankful that we are able to do this at this period of our lives… That is why, no matter how many times we’ve been scammed, or how tired we are, looking at things through these particular filters, I’m still glad that I get to be out here pursuing the dream of travelling with my best friend.

And then, of course there are the memories. Even though we’ve ONLY been travelling for slightly more than a year, our recollection of time and places are starting to getting misty and mixed together.

In the movie “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, the main character, Oskar noted that if the sun were to suddenly explode, it would take seven minutes before the people on Earth would know about it. When his father died in 911, he went on a quest to hunt down the door that a mysterious key left behind by his father would open. After a while, he noticed that he did this partly to prolong that “seven minutes” with his dad – so that the memory of his dad would not fade as fast.

We’re enjoying our time in the sun right now. Trying to squeeze a strict daily blogging routine into our already packed schedule is like worrying about the sun exploding.

Instead, what we do now is take notes at the end of everyday. So, when the time comes to flesh out the bullet points into words, the process of blogging allows us to prolong our “seven minutes” with the incredible places we’ve been to and the amazing people we’ve met.


In other news, we’ve been featured again by TakeMeToTravel! The piece documenting our adventures through Green Island in Taiwan “Men In Black (and White)” is currently the featured article on the TakeMeToTravel website.

Hmmm… Maybe I really can achieve fame, fortune and glory with this blog….


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