Our Case for Mendoza

Since we have some time in South America, we decided that one of the things we really wanted to do is to stay in one place for a bit of time… just to see what it’s like.

Initially, we figured this would come later in the trip when we got “tired” from travelling (yes, it is a thing!), but once we saw the broad streets and spacious plazas of Mendoza, we knew that this was it!

It’s hard not to be charmed by streets like these. Mendoza has the largest squares and the widest sidewalks of any other cities in Argentina. This was a deliberate design after more than 5,000 people were killed in an earthquake here in 1861.

Space… it’s something that you don’t think about until you are able to contrast the difference. It’s funny how “nothingness” can affect us so much. We literally felt happier and freer when we looked around and saw…. nothing

Mendoza’s case was definitely helped by us finding another really cheap apartment on AirBnB.

Guillermo’s apartment was everything we could possibly asked for.

Home for a week

It’s a fully furnished studio apartment right in the centre of the city. We had air con, we had wifi, we had hot water. We even had our own kitchen with a fully equipped Carrefour four floors down. We could cook if we wanted to!

And we did… kinda… if you count scrambling a few eggs and throwing prepacked raviolis into hot water as cooking.

Not that we needed to cook… Mendoza, like most of Argentina, is INFESTED with parrillas that serve the most awesome steaks/sausages/random meat parts in the world.

Ooooooh Yeaaaah….

Also, the apartment was near to a Kingo’s.

What’s a Kingo’s? Good thing you asked.

Only the place with the biggest f*cking burgers we’ve ever seen. Four patties, yo! Yeah… I know… it’s obscene

That alone was enough to convince us to park ourselves in Mendoza for a week.

But of course, there is more… Mendoza is one of the principal wine producing regions in South America.

Their trademarked Malbecs are freely available… nay… I mean CHEAPLY available. A freshly bottled Malbec cost as little as $4 at the Supermarkets. If that’s not reason enough to stay longer in Mendoza, I don’t know what is!


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