Always. Take. The. FRONT ROW. Seats

“Which seats would you like?”, the girl at the ticket counter asked sweetly.

“Those in blue are the seats available, including THESE…”, she continued, FURIOUSLY circling seat 01 and 02, “the front row seats where you’ll be able have panoramic views. They cost the same as the rest.

On retrospect, it seems obvious now that she was probably trying to give us a hint and a tip, which was why I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of the girl’s eyeballs doing an Exorcist-ish roll around her head when we replied, “Oh! I think we’ll take seats 23 and 24. Somewhere in the centre… near the television screen.”

I can understand her frustration. It’s like trying to give someone the tickets to a Beatles revival concert only to be told they’d rather go for the Justin Bieber one instead, thank you very much.

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that the eight hour bus ride from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile is one of the most amazing ones that I’ve ever been on.

Next Stop… Santiago

The road starts in the vineyards of Mendoza and continues on into the surrounding deserts before climbing into the complicated and jaw-droppingly majestic mountain ranges of the Andes.

Graveyards in the desert

Villages at the foot of the Andes

The road snakes through numerous mountain passes before stopping at…

Probably the world’s most beautiful immigration checkpoint, with…

…the world’s cutest customs officer

I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. I think we were not really allowed to do it seeing as we were made to queue up in a line with our luggage open while Bingo ran around gleefully trying to sniff out wrong doers.


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