Bad Behavior

We are terrible friends.

After wandering around Santiago for an entire day and getting kinda drunk, we totally lost track of time and were horribly late for our meetup with Chengde and Carolina for dinner that night. (if anyone needs an example of how alcohol affects the brain, this is probably it).

us and chengde at the foot of mount everest

One thing we never really realized was how small the world really is until we started travelling. We’d met Chengde and Carolina at the foot of Mount Everest a year ago while we were travelling through Tibet.

We were kinda thrown together because us lousy 老外s (foreigners) need to join a tour if we want to even dream about setting foot in Tibet. But Chengde and Carolina were easygoing and really really funny, so before our 10-day Tibet tour was up, we became pretty good friends.

At the end of the 10 days, when we were supposed to part ways, we did what almost all travelling companions do – we exchanged Facebook addresses and agreed we would host each other if we were ever gonna visit each others’ part of the world.

One small issue… Chengde and Carolina stay in Chile while we live in Singapore… we were literally at opposite ends of the globe. It had always been our dream to visit South America, but at that point in time, we did not really think we would be doing it any time soon.

Fast forward to a year later in Santiago. Carolina had seen one of my Facebook updates about us being in Argentina and all but insisted that we meet up with them in Santiago.

We were happy to! It seems kinda cool that we would run into each other so soon after our time in Tibet.

We just didn’t count on being drunk when we met again. Sure, we tried desperately to sober up by repeatedly slapping our (own) faces and gulping down enough water to drown the Little Mermaid, but the damage had already been done.

We were 30 minutes late for our meetup. We were totally under-dressed for one of the best parrillas in Chile. We were too tipsy to fully appreciate the great meal that they bought us. I talked too loudly at the posh restaurant (I know… I normally talk too loudly and obnoxiously at ANY restaurant, but even in my drunk state, I knew I was talking too loudly even by my standards). We went on one too many toilet breaks because of the water that we drank…

In short, we behaved horribly.

And you want to know the worst part? Chengde and Carolina were super OK with that. They caught up with what’s new in our lives (or tried to anyway), they smiled politely at my antics, they drove us around for a tour of their hood and… they paid for dinner.

We felt like shit.

One year on, and five persons instead of four

One year on, and five persons instead of four. Hello Baby Sofia!! This was taken a day later  when we decided to drop by Chengde’s restaurant to make up for our horrendous behaviour the day before.


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