If it is not clear by now, let me state it explicitly… ” We love Santiago… We love it A LOT”

Quirky Fountains

Impressive fountains in the middle of nowhere

Weird statues

and Weird statues. What’s not to like? Did I mention the graffiti?

Santiago was originally supposed to be a stopover point before we headed south to the Lake Districts and Patagonia. We meant to stay three days in town and head out on the next available bus. We ended up staying for a week.

But here’s the thing… Whenever we told a local about how much we love Santiago, they’d look at us like we were trying too hard to be nice. ..or we’d had one shot too many of pisco in our pisco sours.

“But there’s absolutely nothing to see in Santiago!” they would exclaim,”It’s boring and dangerous!”

I guess that’s the thing.

I think we are seldom appreciative of the things that are around us.

Where the locals see smog and filth, we saw colors, art and spontaneity.

The smoggy city

The “smoggy” city

In that sense, I suppose the cliché that familiarity breeds contempt is kind of true. We look at something long enough and often enough, it loses the sense of wonder we might once have had for it. We take things for granted. We forget what made us fall in love with it in the first place and start looking for flaws. Once we find any blemishes (real or imaginary), we’re liable to put so much focus on them that they become the only thing that we see.

Santiagoians cannot understand why we found this so amusing

Santiagoians cannot understand why we found this so amusing

Truth be told, it’s something that we ourselves are guilty of as well.

But I hope that it’s something that we can change.


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