We’ve found that Poor-y feeling woaaah that Poor-y feeling

After some time in Chile, we forgot how expensive things were back in Argentina.

Of course, we were quickly reminded of it the moment we stepped off the bus at San Carlos de Bariloche (or as the locals like to call it: “Bariloche”).

The Bus Station was a good 3km (29837.342928374 miles) (10 Titanics) from town.

We had the options of:

a) Waiting 75 minutes for the next local bus
b) Taking one of the many waiting cabs into town for US$35

Even though we’d factored the transport cost into our budget (yes… haha… we have a budget), it still felt just that little bit too extravagant to spend so much on a cab…. (the average cab taking cost in Chile is about US$5).

We decided on the most sensible option available to us…

Walk into town with our 25kg backpacks.

The start of the walk was a bit dreary since we had to trudge through the outskirts of town. Huge trucks kept blowing large amounts of dust into our faces as they passed us while we marched through (what looked to be) an industrial estate. We were dusty and grimy, so I was not exactly the happiest camper around. Somehow, Jo continued merrily skipping down the road. I think the 12 hours of sleep she got on the bus from Puerto Varas might have something to do with the wall-smashingly high levels of chirpiness.

Still all smiles at the start of the walk

Of course, her backpack ONLY weighs 16kg

Jo told me the last part of the walk into town was actually very pleasant because we had a panoramic view of the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Lakeside view

Lakeside view. Legend has it that Hitler and Eva Braune escaped to a little village on the outskirts of the lake to live out their lives, instead of… you know… committing suicide in a dirty bunker under Berlin. Hitler probably would’ve gotten a huge kick out of watching his minions march down the dirt road. Note: I am in no way comparing Jo to a moustached sadistic Nazi

But I wouldn’t know…I was too busy massaging the blood back into my arms.

But even I realized that there was something “special” about the trees in town…

Funky Trees

Yarn Bombed!!!

Bariloche is known for being the ski resort of the rich and the famous. We quickly realized that it really didn’t help our financial outlook to have jumped from Chile into one of the most expensive resort towns in Argentina.

Our accommodation at Hostal Portofino cost twice what we usually paid when we were in Chile, and you can imagine our horror when we realized that the standard items on most menus in Bariloche were easily three times what we paid for kickass fresh eel and organic sandwiches just the day before.

Feeling exceptionally impoverished, we decided we should go for a poor man’s dinner… well… as poor as things can go in Bariloche without resorting to Oscar-the-Grouch-ing in trash cans – a burger/pancho combo at the local fast food joint.

Milk Bottles, Burgers and Ponchos

Milk Bottles, Burgers and Panchos. Note: For us, any restaurant that serve their sauces in milk bottles get HUGE props for creativity

At US$15 a pop for our meal, all I can say it that at least they have the decency to dish out huge portions. And yeah… the pancho came with some kickass dressing as well (we were able to choose up to three).

Seeing that we are going to be spending the next month or so in Argentina, I am thinking we should start hitting the supermarkets and cook up some budget meals…

But then there is the problem of eating our own cooking….

I heard the medical expenses in Argentina is pretty hefty too.


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