Keep the Faith

mary jane hit jackpot

Yup… This is exactly how I’ve been feeling every morning for the past three years since we got married… (Fine… I mean the mornings when I can actually get Jo to get out of bed on time)

A bit of history: We had been dating for eight years before we eventually got married. During those eight years, we’d been on some pretty wild adventures and did a fair bit of travelling together.

You’d think that there would no longer be any surprises after the wedding… that nothing would change, except that we would have an additional marriage certificate with our names on it.

Boy, was I wrong.

Almost immediately after we took out a mortgage on our new place, I started floating the idea of leaving our jobs and going for an extended trip around the world. (Impeccable timing, I know…)

But kudos to Jo for listening to me calmly, taking it in her stride and said… “THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! LET’S DO IT!!!” (sidenote: Jo is not exactly the best person in the world to talk you out of an impulse buy)

And that’s basically our story for the last three years.

At a time when we are supposed to “settle down” and build a life together as “responsible adults”, Jo encouraged the whims to run away together and live a life that we dream about. She suggested ways that we could (further) thumb our nose at the established norms of what married life should be like and set out to blaze path that is strictly our own.

But more than being just a cheerleader and co-conspirator of our many harebrained schemes, Jo has this seemingly unshakable faith that things have been thought out and that things will work out for us (even if it involves 30-hour bus rides, forays to remote villages, getting into dark vans with burly strangers or sleeping at the oddest of places).

Even at times when I am not sure what the hell we are doing, she would be there with the belief that all will be well. I get the warm and fuzzy feeling that she believes that I will make the “right” decisions for us (except for the one to wake her up in the morning), and this drives me to dream up bigger and wilder adventures.

So, as we start on our fourth year together as a married couple, I would just like to thank Mrs Toh for being the rock in the marriage. This faith (and that slightly insane streak) is what allowed us to embark on this truly crazy journey.

Happy Anniversary, Mrs Toh.


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