About Us

We’re TW and Jo, two ordinary Singaporeans, who, one day, decided that there must be more to life than the routine of:

“Get up in the Morning => Go to Work => Get Home => Watch TV => Sleep” .

We didn’t want to work the whole year for our 21 Days of Vacation Time anymore.

Going against the conventional wisdom of saving up for retirement and THEN travel, we decided to “abandon all responsibilities” and embark on our world journey now…

This is a log of our Journey.


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Love your blog, my husband and I are thinking to go to south America maximum for 2 months, but no idea where to start the research, your blog helps a lot. Big Thank you for you

    • Thanks Karen! That totally made our day. Whereabouts in South America are you guys thinking of going? Drop us an email and maybe we could help you out a bit more

    • Lol! Thanks for the kind comments, Wenlin! It really took a bit of planning, but more than that, it took the resolve to go ahead and just do it.

      I think it reached a point that we told ourselves that we can never save “enough”, so we stupidly went ahead and just do it anyway

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