Other Travel Blogs

2backpackers – A couple that did what we are attempting to do. Jason and Aracely Santos Castella are living the dream.

Aspiring Backpacker – Aspiring backpacker is a travel blog for first time traveler or people who are dreaming about hitting the road. All you need to do is read up and set off! Very relevant articles including “Travel Tips for first time backpackers” and the You-Won’t-Believe-How-Important-It-Is “How to Deal with Money on Your Travels”

Almost Fearless – Awesome family travel blog featuring Christine, Drew and their baby Cole. Very heartfelt writing and SUPER CUTE pictures of Cole at tourist sites make this a must read for me.

Audre and Dimitri’s Traveling Love Affair – Audre and Dimitri are an inspiration. They are pretty much the modern day nomad. They sold off all their possessions and have been on the road since 1995.

Lonely Girl Travels – Solo girl traveler who seem to be having the adventures of a lifetime

Nerdy Nomad – A travel writer who funds her life of wandering through earnings from the internet. Living proof that it can be done. She has great articles on travel – volunteering too

Nomadic Chick – Inspirational story from someone who quit her job and went traveling. Great travel ideas here too.

TripTemptation – A blog written by a group of Ridiculously Good Looking (RGL) people going to exotically gorgeous locations! 2 things that go perfectly together. What’s not to like?

Unhook Now – Wayne and Pat Dunlap literally wrote the guide on travelling cheap and living free in their highly rated book “Plan Your Escape, Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home”.  They should know. They’ve been tripping through more than 50 countries over the last two years.


Mother, Inc – The Kaos with their two adorable kids. Multiple blog awards winner

Freshly Brewed – Lil Miss Rae Ann is the star of this very heart-warming family blog

Business Suits to Backpacks – Brendan and Kate were one of our earliest inspirations. They passed by Singapore on their world tour and infected us with their wanderlust.

Justwandering – Blog of Nina Fuentes, a multiple-blogging-awards winning traveller from the Philippines. She frequently update her blog with travelling tips and resources.

Knackpackers – Awesome Singaporean couple who are doing what we are doing too! They spent 5 months travelling through Europe and South America with nary a plan (just like us). Nice photos here too!

Singapore Foodie in UAE – Traveller. Foodie. Cousin. She’s not in the UAE anymore, but she is still seeking out nice places to eat, taking gorgeous photos of food and writing.

Blogs from that are “Uniquely Singapore”:

We were often stumped when asked by fellow travellers

“Singapore…. is that somewhere in China?”

No, seriously, we could never give a succinct answer to the question “So… what’s Singapore like?”

There’s no denying that we are a small country with a VERY short history. Yet, it’s been a short history of constant change. We’re complex and trying very hard to be sophisticated. In many ways, we are still in the pubescent stage of our growth. We don’t really know what tomorrow will bring, or what we would be like when we “grow up”.

In this section, we hope we would be able to give a snapshot from a few of our fellow bloggers about this little island we call home. – Premier satirical site in Singapore. The wit is sharp, the humour – undeniable, and the sentiments – sincere. mrbrown’s love for our little parcel of land shines through what might sometimes seem like “just” a regular spot of fooling around on the internet.

The Smart Local – Awesome guide to everything Singapore. Interesting articles, honest reviews and up-to-date events listings done up by true blue Singaporeans who live on our favourite little island. Our go-to portal when we are away and sorely missing that dose of Singapore magic.

Singapore Daily – Blogroll featuring local blogs about the ins and outs of Singapore. Great place to find out about the concerns of the average Singaporean and what the everyday Singaporean is thinking about.


Temporarily Unavailable

Hamsterwheel – Features the AWESOME photographs of Razvan. Really… check them out, they are VERY pretty. Prepare to have a severe inferiority complex about your own photography skills after that though. Razvan, along with Andra are extraordinary couchsurfing hosts who kindly let us stayed at their place in Chengdu, not once, but twice when we visited. There is also their other project about Romania (the country) here too.


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