We’re on a Boat!

“We’re on a Boat!
Everyone look at us
‘Cause we’re sailing on a Boat
Take a good hard look
At the M***********G Boat”

Sorry… I just HAD to do that.

I think this is the longest stretch that the blog has not been updated, but like I said… WE’RE ON A BOAT! (last time, I promise)

We just spent 11 awesome days in the Galapagos, 8 of which were spent on the good boat ship Guantanamera (yeah, like the song…) (the OTHER song) (called Guantanamera?)

The good ship Guantanamera

I’ll update about our adventures in the Galapagos in due time, but for now, I’ll leave you with some of the photos we took, and two little words…

Akan Datang

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the skills of a National Geographic photographer and 1 is the dirty old man taking grainy upskirt shots, I rate my photography skills at about 1.8, but in Galapagos, it is ALMOST impossible to take a lousy shot of the animals who just do not give a shit about you… and yes, I know we have way too many shots of sea lions (20173 at last count)