I’ll be honest… Traveling not only lightens the heart, it lightens the wallet as well.

We’ll both be jobless as we embark on our grand journey around the world. We are open to opportunities that could potentially allow us to upgrade our next night’s stay to anything better than a roach infested rathole. (The sad part is that I might only be half kidding)

So yes, we are open to accepting commissions and advertisements here. We could also provide honest reviews and feedback if you would like to send us cool travel-related stuff.

Jo does brilliant videos of places we’ve visited such as these ones of Jiu Zhai Gou and Qingcheng Shan, Right now, we are using music from known sources, but we would like to have something “fresher” to accompany the images. If you are part of a musical outfit that makes travel-tastic music that you would like featured here, please drop us a mail too. Of course, credit would be given, along with links to your website.

This blog was started as a means of catching up with friends and family while we are travelling. Quite unexpectedly, local media caught wind of our adventures… We’ve actually been featured in a few newspapers and internet website close to home.

Recently, our blog was featured on TakeMeToTravel as one of their featured travel bloggers.

This blog is also linked to travel sites like the Expeditioner and BootsnAll that TW had written for.

To enquire, please drop us a note here.


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